Must Have Cake Decorating Supplies

There is large variety of cake decorating supplies out there. They are all practical and will make cake decorating more enjoyable.Here is our top 5 cake decorating supplies that everyone should have in their kit.

Bake even strips are fabric strips that are soaked in a bowl of ice cold water for 5 minutes and placed around the cake tin to produce cakes with less of a dome and fewer cracks on top. Bake even strips are made to keep the sides of the cake pan from becoming too hot, causing the cake to stop rising on the sides.

Biodegradable piping bags are designed as convenient throwaway bags that require no cleaning and are a great time saver. These piping bags are eco friendly and decompose within 6 months.

Agbay cake leveler is an absolute must in every decorator’s kitchen. It’s the most accurate cake levelling tool for the professionals as well as the beginners. It has very sturdy structure and will give you excellent results every time you need to level the cake.

Edible food pens are a fun and excellent way to decorate and add fine details on you cake and cookies. Edible pens are ideal for freehand writing and can be used pretty much on any hard edible surface. There are many different colours out there, including chalkboard pen that is perfect to use on black fondant.

Cake boards are probably the most important cake decorating supplies you can in your cupboard. The cake board must be sturdy enough to withstand the weight of the cake. Cardboard cake boards are used as baseboards under each tier of your cake. If you don’t use cake board under your cake, there is a high change that when you move the cake around, it will crack and ruin your cake. Masonite cake boards or are much more durable than cardboard cake boards. Masonite cake boards are used for decorative baseboards, as they can hold the weight of the whole cake.